Not witho̶u̶t̶ my sister!

This post is written for StorytellersBlogHop FEB 2021 by Ujjwal ( ) & MeenalSonal ( )’. Standing in the balcony of her high rise, Charu kept on thinking about the question Avinash her husband had left for her to answer. Honestly, even she did not realise when the sibling rivalry became a part of her characteristics. Taru’s … More Not witho̶u̶t̶ my sister!

Motherhood: A Totally Mad But A Blissful State Of Heart!

Yes, it is tiring; yet rewarding.Yes, it is frustrating; yet loving.Yes, it is exhausting; yet fulfilling. Yes, it makes me cry but mostly the tears are of happiness.Yes, it makes me mad but I am mad in love. One thing most ironical about having kids is that they are the reason we lose it and … More Motherhood: A Totally Mad But A Blissful State Of Heart!

The two troubles!!

Having two! No this post is not to judge those who believe in “one and we are done”, I respect their choice. This post is not to tell why “I had second baby”, Coz dude I respect my own decisions first. This post is specially for those who are in process of attaining motherhood for … More The two troubles!!