Five easy and nutritious snacking recipes for kids!!

What is the biggest universal problem of us mommies? Meal time? I am sure for most of us meals are not a problem the bigger problem are snacks. More or less kids start eating from the family pot as they turn one but kids need and want more snacks then we elders do.

Seven years back when my daughter was born I used to run out of snacks ideas for her it was then that I started searching for different recipes and made a weekly chart for them.

Here I am listing down for all of you a few very easy and full of goodness snacks recipes –

1. Aaloo Tikki (with different modifications) –  Potatoes are very filling, in fact one of a few food items that make a whole meal. To make it more healthier and more beneficial you can add veggies like carrot, peas, coriander, beetroots, spinach etc. At times I also add grinded flour or paneer or soya granules to it. Just mix all the ingredients to boiled potatoes, add salt as per taste, (I also add  roasted cumin seeds powder it), mix them well and fry in ghee or butter. Most yummiest and healthiest aaloo tikki is ready.

2. Dosa cups (in appam pan) – Now there are two ways to make it depending upon how your kids like to it.

Soak the dosa batter with curd or water and keep it aside for some time. Cut all the veggies you want to add to it. Add salt, cumin seeds powder and other spices you want to add to dosa batter and put your appam pan on gas (but don’t put on the flame yet). With a spoon fill all the cups with batter and switch on the gas in a low flame and cover the appam pan. After two – three minute when they have just started getting cooked sprinkle veggies over them(at times I also sprinkle grated cheese) and cover the pan again, after five minutes when you open the pan they would be ready. Let them cool a bit and serve them with chutney or ketchup.

In case if your kids don’t like chopped veggies you can blend all the veggies into a puree and add it with dosa batter and cook it for five minutes first and then flip sides.

3. Corn chaat – Boiled corns mixed with paneer and goodness of veggies like cucumber, tomato, onion, boiled potato, coriander mixed with a pinch of salt and sprinkled with a dash of lemon juice will make not only a tasty but healthy and filling snacks for kids.

4. Fruit and chia seeds smoothie – If your child has a sweet tooth this is an awesome recipe. You can pick any favourite fruit of your kid and mix it with milk or curd and a spoon of chia seeds and run them together in a mixer and serve in a cute mason jar or thei favorite mug. Few recommended combos for smoothie are –

a) Spinach and banana mixed in milk;

b) Pomegranate with curd;

c) Banana, almond, walnut and curd;

d) Banana and chocolate syrup with milk;

e) Banana and mango witg curd.

5. Dhokla – Though not a new but this is my favorite snack recipe for kids. First because it is made from sooji and besan, second because it gets cooked easy peasy, third beause it is just perfect neither too light not too filling.

I hope you would have found the above mentioned recipes easy and benificial. Please leave your comments and tell me how you found them.

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