When she became a mother, finally!

Since she was a young girl, Payal wanted to become a mother but by adoption. Once for her school NSS project she went to an orphanage, where her heart went out for homeless, orphan and abandoned kids. It was then only that she decided that whenever she gets married or gets settled down in life she will adopt a kid. She had even planned to discuss this with her prospective husband as and when the time comes.

And the time had come, today, she was going to meet Ravi whom her parents had zeroed down for her to get married of course only if she agrees to. Her father knew about her willingness of adopting a child post marriage and he encouraged her to discuss this with her prospective husband but her mother was sceptical she knew it isn’t as easy as it sounds, she requested her to take any decision with utmost care.

Ravi was a very charming boy he had a very happy go lucky nature and he seemed to be very broad minded and that is why Payal was encouraged to speak to him about her willingness to adopt. However, she thought that the first meeting would be a little too soon to discuss this with him and so she decided to discuss it with him in their second meeting because they’d already planned one.

As planned, Payal discussed about adoption with Ravi in their second meeting to which he replied that he has no problem if she wants to adopt a baby but he definitely wants to have a biological kid too. Though Payal did not want to have a biological child but she thought that it is only fair enough on her prospective husband’s behalf to be willing to have a biological child if he is agreeing to have an adoptive one too.
Soon enough they both got married and were happily married. When Payal’s mother-in-law hinted them to start planning a family she told her about her willingness to adopt and also about Ravi’s agreement to it. “You can have as many adoptive kids as you want Payal but first I want a biological grandchild”, said her mother-in-law. “It’s ok Payal, let’s do this for mom let’s have our own baby first and then we’ll adopt our second one” Ravi tried to make Payal understand. “Ok” Payal said.

After trying to conceive for more than a year Payal decided to go for a full body medical checkup. Her gynecologist told her that all her reports are normal and suggested that Ravi should also get a few check ups done. As fate would have it Ravi’s reports were not normal and that was the reason why Payal was unable to conceive since last one year. After much counselling, re-examinations and re-confirmations doctors suggested them to think about surrogacy. Payal did necessary research and zeroed down on an agency. She then discussed it with Ravi to which Ravi said, “Your thoughts and reasons behind adoption were much more meaningful than my willingness to have a biological baby, I am sorry I didn’t understood it completely BUT now lets us have our own baby, our heart child.

That very moment they registered themselves at CARA – Central Adoption Resource Authority.

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