Why I can never be a super mom!

Well as soon as a woman becomes a mother – family, friends and society starts expecting her to become a supermom, what is more even she herself expects the same.

I won’t lie even I expected myself to be a supermom when I first became a mother but thankfully I realised at the right time that I can not be a super mom, at least not by the standards that society has laid and taught us woman.

The guidelines set by society for a mother to be a super mom are too exhausting and challenging for a mother which many a times may lead to physical or emotional stress for a mother and an unhappy mom can be anything but not happy.

Few of such guidelines that were presented to me by different sets of people were –

1. Only a mother who can not make efforts for her baby makes him or her wear diapers;

2. If you are not massaging your baby once or twice a day you would be responsible for his or her weak bones;

3. If you are offering your baby formula milk you don’t want to give your baby the best;

4. If you are using teethers or pacifiers you are just not hardworking enough;

5. If you feed your baby ready to eat or packed food (even very occasionally) you are a careless mother;

6. If you offer your kid your mobile phone while you finish some important chores you are a useless mother;

7. If you make your kid wear pre loved clothes you are one such mom who can spend on herself but not on kids;

8. If you make your kid wear new clothes everyday you are a mom who compensates all her shortcomings with materialistic things.

9. If you choose to celeberate your kid’s birthday privately at home you are insensitive towards your kids;

10. If you choose to celebrate your kid’s birthday lavishly than you are spoiling him or her.

Much on time I realised a mom can not be a super mom but she definitely can be a happy mom making her kids happy too and remember happier kids are definitely healthier kids.


1. Both my kids have worn diapers (most of the times);

2. Both my kids were massaged only when I felt like;

3. Both my kids were breastfed though the younger one was suggested formula, not only because I believe it is the best but also because I didn’t want an extra hassle of bottle cleaning, sterilization and then bottle weaning;

4. Some kids really need pacifiers in night, at least for the mother’s peace of mind;

5. We travel a lot and thus both my kids were fed packed food, ready to eat stuff and all;

6. I have given screen time to both my kids, how else do you expect me to finish my chores;

7. For the first year of their lives, I didn’t bought even a single cloth for both my kids, they wore either pre loved clothes or gifted ones;

8. We always choose to celebrate my daughter’s birthday lavishly whereas till now we have avoided that for my son. Reason being simple, my daughter is a grown up child but she has shown excitement and inclination towards birthday parties since she was one but my son doesn’t like public gatherings and he also doesn’t like the hoopla around birthdays.

I am not a super woman and definitely not a super mom because I know to keep my family healthy and happy, I will have to be healthy and happy too.

That is why I can never be a super mom!

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