Not witho̶u̶t̶ my sister!

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Standing in the balcony of her high rise, Charu kept on thinking about the question Avinash her husband had left for her to answer. Honestly, even she did not realise when the sibling rivalry became a part of her characteristics.

Taru’s face wasn’t going her out of her eyes. “How thin has she become”, “those two little cuties must be her kids”, “how ordinary looking husband has she chosen for herself”, were a few thoughts running on her mind.

Taru and Charu were twins and shared a healthy relaionship. They were not best buds but they were cordial until they grew up to be in 7th standard. Before this there might not have been any reason for them to be jealous of each other but now thanks to the competitive family they were in they were definitely jealous of each other.

It all started as a casual competition between the Taru and Charu when dadu gave one of them a prize for performing better.

Prize generally would be either a new set of stationary or a book (being a Headmaster in a government school, dadu knew the value of education and he knew nothing else can replace education). Taru, was always a star performer, best grades, best marks and praises from teachers was a regular for her. Charu, however was an average student who excelled in other areas like debates, story writing, dramatics but whom would these things interest? No one praised her for performing exceptionally well or getting a prize.

This year dadu had told them that who so ever will score better in final term will be admitted to one of the best schools of the city. Dehradun, is a remarkable city when it comes to world class education. It had best schools in terms of education, extra curricular and sports. Charu knew its not possible for her to even think of scoring more than Taru. Every family member was also assuming Taru’s win but there was one person in the Sharma household who believed that Charu can give Taru a tough competition, their dadi.

She always encouraged Charu to follow her dreams, this time too she asked Charu to forget about Taru for sometime and think only about her performance and that is what Charu did.

Like a miracle, Charu ended up scoring higher than Taru, leaving Taru fuming. Charu knew her sister’s nature she was not hurt by her at all but what did really hurt her was that her parents were not happy for her but sad for Taru (and ironically, they taught her about healthy competition). That bias attitude of her parents was the first stone of sibling rivalry between the sisters.

After school they both took admission in colleges far from each other’s because they didn’t want to cross each others paths ever BUT as soon as they both graduated, their dadi called them both home and persuaded them to do post graduation from there itself so that the family can also look out for matches for both of them.

Avinash and Taru were batchmates in the MBA college, once while dropping Taru home, Avinash saw Charu and exchanged pleasantries. For Charu it was love at first sight so she decided to tell Avinash about it. The day she went to meet Avinash, he told her how much he loved Taru and asked for her help to let Taru know. Avinash gave Charu a handmade card for Taru in which he wrote all that he wanted to say to her.

Next day Charu told Avinash that Taru doesn’t like him and doesn’t want to speak to him anymore. It was then that Charu became Avinash’s confidante and a close friend. After sometime, both decided to marry each other and why not when one was experiencing dejection and other carelessness.

They got married but due to some seemingly misundertanding in the family Charu and Avinash had severed all ties with Charu’s family which Charu didn’t regret at all but today after seeing Taru she was experiencing a gush of mixed emotions, fear, love, guilt , regret, hatred, anger etc etc.

Ting-Tong, the door bell rang and pulled Charu out of her thoughts, even the thought that one day Avinash and Taru may find out the truth about that card which Charu never delivered to Avinash and fabricated a story for both of them.

Today 7 yeards down the line Charu wondered why did she do what she did? Was it all worth it? Was it even right?

My dear readers, do you think sibling rivalry can actually go down to this extent? Do you think rivalry between siblings really exists? Do you think parents/family has a role in it?

30 thoughts on “Not witho̶u̶t̶ my sister!

  1. Wow great story on “Sibling rivalry” prompt. Honestly, for me, it is hard to believe on ending as I personally feel that sibling relationship is most beautiful relationship in world. yes, sometimes there conflict happens but I do not think it stay for longer if love and trust bond is stronger between both. and yes, parents can play a major role by giving equal attention and love to their both kids, they can avoid an intense stage of sibling rivalry.


  2. Sibling rivalry, teen rebellion or something else. The end result was a loss for both. I agree that to an extent family behavior and attitude can play a role in inciting these feelings but I guess it is also individual perspective


  3. A new way to show the level to which sibling rivalry can actually go. Perhaps yes. The unhealthy competition at home can also fuel it. Each child us special in their own way. Lovely narrative.
    Deepika Sharma


  4. I have seen such kind of siblings, its their parents who actually ignites the difference which eventually leads to hatred and cheating. Your story depicted reality.


  5. Yes, sibling rivalry can become bad in some situations. Parents often see it as just a phase but sometimes, when there is a discrimination at house between the siblings then it can get serious. Parents sometimes don’t realize that their behavior becomes the reason for the rivalry.


  6. Interesting tale. I think sibling rivalry is real and parents have a role in it when they compare their children. You have narrated the story very well!


  7. Yes, Sibling rivalry does exist, and most of the time its either the parents or the extended family members are the ones who sow those seeds without thinking hard. In some cases, this rivalry will continue even after the kids get away from the teenage years, and then it’s mainly due to their mindsets. Great story on this.


  8. Well I haven’t seen sibling rivalry of this extent but yes, it is possible. Parents should try not to distinguish between the children and treat them equally.
    Loved your story:)


  9. Very well-narrated! yes, sibling rivalry exists. I have seen a few cases, this was a result of unhealthy competition and biasness at home and I think this is indeed one of the prime reasons from where this rivalry stems.


  10. All that I can think of she could have been honest with both of them at first so that she could have lived a guilt-free life.


  11. Beautiful, intriguing story on sibling rivalry prompt. Parents play an important role in controlling or promoting the rivalries between siblings; at least they can take the healthiness of competition shouldn’t be overlapped with the jealousy. I feel bad for Taru and Avinash.


  12. Sibling rivalry is very real and usually come when parents play favorites, sometimes without even realizing it. And sometimes this rivalry makes one do irrational things like Charu lying. Iam an only child but I have seen love-hate sibling relationships and ones where they dont talk to each other at all as well.


  13. Well narrated, Aakanksha.
    Your style makes it totally believable- as though you are sharing about people you know.
    Am sure some twins/siblings have lived this tale.
    But, such lies certainly can’t be worth it as the truth will emerge one day.
    Yes, rivalry can exist between two people- friends or siblings. Countless Hindi movies have dwelt on it.


  14. Sibling rivalry is real and sad as it may seem is often fueled by family, not just parents. Charu might have a happy marriage with Avinash but the guilt that she stole this from Tanu will never leave her. If they do find out hell might break loose.


  15. Great storytelling! Sibling rivalry does exist and parents have a major role to play in igniting or subsiding it. This story reminded me of the Bollywood flick “ Aaina” which was a pro example of sibling rivalry and upbringing gone awry! Well done!


  16. I hope there was a positive end to this story… Yes I have seen sibling rivalry gone too far. Wish it was otherwise for them. But some people just do not understand the value of people and give hatred and anger space to grow within…


  17. Well sibling rivalry can end up really bitter and go to any extent ! These kind of stories don’t get highlighted and yes we believe that siblings are always on the positive side but truth is something different always !!


  18. Now that is such a perfect take on the prompt Sibling Rivalry. I feel while the siblings love each other, it is the parents, grandparents or the extended family that creates division among them in the name of competition. Comparison and competition, rejection and appraisal all kind of build up the psyche of these children when young that later develop into sibling rivalry.


  19. I surely feel that sibling rivalry like this does exist. I have seen and heard of it. Nice story you kept it close to reality.


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