How I sailed through my kid’s birthdays in Covid Era!!

Kid’s birthdays are a big event for a mother. When Covid started rooting in our country my husband’s birthday was just round the corner and both me and my husband were thankful that our kid’s birthday has still some time to go (they both have their birthday in September).

Little did we know that this 21 days, 40 days or 45 days lockdown might get over but Corona will continue till July, August, September and God knows till when. When August was ending my daughter’s excitement started levelling up and my nervousness. I was very skeptical about how will we manage to have a party that pleases her. Though, my son’s birthday was also approaching but I wasn’t very worried about it. He was turning two and not got any charm for birthdays yet BUT my daughter was turning seven and she is used to having birthdays which are specially planned.

I was actually very nervous but then I realised that it won’t do anything good. So I made a checklist of tasks and started noting down about how I have to get them accomplished.

These were a few points which we noted down for persual –

1. My daughter wanted a princess dress which was not a problem as we were already ordering clothes and other stuff online.

2. My daughter did definitely not want me to bake a cake for her birthday (she is well versed with my baking skills). So I started scanning my contacts and zeroed down on a friend who is a home baker. I knew I can trust her for safety precautions.

3. My daughter was very particular about the kind of decorations she wanted for her birthday. She wanted a theme based decoration and I wanted to make sure that we don’t compromise on safety. I got all the DIY decorations made from a home based craft artist. Got the packet delivered a day prior and left it for sanitization and isolation for 24 hours.

4. My daughter is not much worried about the food as long as her favorite food i.e. pasta and french fried are served. We bought sauces and other herbs and cooked everything at home. We otherwise also cook special dishes at home a lot so that is not a problem at all.

5. Now came the trickiest task. Inviting people. We were skeptical about inviting people and my daughter wanted to invite all her cousins, friends and near ones. This is one point where we were unable to come to an agreement. She wanted to invite her maasi and her kids, so we decided to let her speak to her maasi and she only explained her the importance of safety and staying at home at this time. We arranged a Zoom celebration for her by sending out Zoom meeting invites well in advance. Everyone got dressed, we played music and everyone danced in front of their phone screens.

All in all we managed to pull it off and my kids were happy and we made some wonderful memories.

This Covid has sure taught me one biggest lesson of life: Happiness can be found in most basic and minimum things in life.

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