Motherhood: A Totally Mad But A Blissful State Of Heart!

Yes, it is tiring; yet rewarding.
Yes, it is frustrating; yet loving.
Yes, it is exhausting; yet fulfilling.

Yes, it makes me cry but mostly the tears are of happiness.
Yes, it makes me mad but I am mad in love.

One thing most ironical about having kids is that they are the reason we lose it and they are the reason we hold it together.

Yes, my dear readers,

We all know how overwhelming motherhood can get for a mom and we tend to lose our sanity BUT when you start losing your sanity, right at that moment stop and tell yourself that it is all worth it. Today, these little humans of our lives might be dependent on us for all their task but soon they will be independent, will have a life of their own. At that time they might not even like our interference, our suggestions or our help.

Very soon they might get wings and fly on a journey of their own, leaving out nest empty and us wondering when did they grow up.

When my daughter was 2 and insisted to be picked or when she was 5 and insisted to be fed her meals from my hand, I used to get angry on her and irritated because yes even I had many tasks in hand BUT today when I see her wanting to spend some time alone, filling her own plate with food of her choice, honestly, at times a part of me wants that younger one back, the one who could not sleep without hugging me, the one who always came running to the kitchen after every few minutes to have a glance of me.

I miss the days when my son was just born and could fit into my lap, now fitting him in my lap is a struggle.

One motherhood lesson that I have learned in my journey of being a mom so far is that we must not fret. Yes, we have our lows too, we get insane too, we get frustrated too BUT in all such moments we just need to remember – “Time spent with is never wasted.”

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