Do bache? Aajkal toh ek hee bahut hai!

It is almost two years that I had my younger one and these two years have been very stressful, I won’t deny that fact. Managing two kids is not a child’s play at all, specially in these days when kids are born with a laptop kind processor (always on a run).

Since I have had my second one I have heard so many things from my friends and knowns –

1. Why need two? Better give the best to one.

2. Having a second because first is a girl? (Huh!!)

3. Why need a sibling? Our kids have us and we have him/her.

4. Company? Cousins would be there plus these days friends are like family.

These are just few. I have heard many more.

Now here are my two cents about it.

1. Why two. It is a very subjective thought and is to each it’s own. Like people want to have one, I want to have two. I even know people who want to and eventually have three kids too. I always wanted to have two kids even before I thought of having kids.

A lot of it has to do with my bond with my brother. I have a brother two years younger to me and I share a great bond with him. He has always been my friend, my secret keeper, my biggest critic, my biggest enemy, my chauffeur, my assistant and what not. No words can sum what is his place in my life. After my mother passed away it is my brother who has been the pillar of my life and maybe that is why I have always wanted to have two kids.

And as for giving best is concerned. Best is everyone’s individual definition. I am happy with my kids wearing clothes and shoes from not so high end brands if their hearts are full. My idea of giving best to my kids doesn’t end at monetary value.

2. A girl or a boy was never my thought process. In fact a thought of having a boy kind of intimidated me because raising a girl has been so comforting that I didn’t want to step out of my comfort zone.

Plus I wanted to re-use all those cute little frocks, headbands, ballerinas, tiaras which I don’t have a heart to pass on.

3. Of course, we are there for our kids and they are there for us. Yes that is true BUT no denying the fact that someone of our age, of our generation and of similar times, similar phases in life is at times more comforting.

And of course siblings can together gossip about their parents too.

4. Now as far as having cousins for company is concerned. Well who else would know the importance of cousins more than me. I have 25 first cousins (including maternal and paternal side) and we all are very close to each other. Having said that I can only irk my brother at the middle of the night. Not that my cousins would not help and I might even budge them but not always. Their are hundred things that I might think before the press that call button but with my brother, I would first call and then think.

Friends for me are like family. I am blessed to have friends who are like family to me BUT even they would realise that family comes first in most of the times.

Here, I am not trying to convince you all to have two kids (in case you have one), I am just trying to tell that like everyone I have my reasons behind the decisions I make and it’s time we stop judging others for their decisions or we stop poking our noses into other people’s lives.

Having two kids is one of the best decision I have taken in life, not because having two kids is the best thing to do BUT because it is my own decision taken whole heartedly by me and my husband and we did our own Pros and Cons exercise before taking this decision. We actually wrote down all the aspects of it (social, financial, physical), pros of it and cons of it and when weighed, the pros seemed to be much heavier than the cons and thus we became “four.”

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