When Kanha Ji Gave Me A Gift On Janamashtami!

Shri Krishna Janamashtami has always held a special place in my heart because my family is a Lord Krishna devotee. As far as I remember there has been no Janamashtami that we haven’t celebrated with great pomp and show. The preparations generally usually started a day before with mom and dadi cleaning the pooja room, thakur ji’s (that’s what Lord Krishna is called lovingly) clothes, jhoola and ornaments. My dadaji who didn’t ever got special flowers for any of my bua’s or chacha’s weddings used to get special flower for Janamashtami. Whole family kept a fast, did keertan the whole day. When clock struck 12am we used to do make Krishna ji bath with milk, curd, ghee ad honey and dress him up in new clothes, put him in his swing and do aarti. It was only after that we were allowed to have food it was a tough one but we all loved it. It is one festival I always looked forward to as a child, teenager or an adult.

Then with the course of life I got married and after a month and a half of my marriage was Janamashtami and I was like every year very excited but since my in-laws are Punjabi, they know little about celebrating any festival other than Navratras and when I asked my mother in law about what we do on Janamashtami, she replied very frankly that they do nothing neither they plan to do but she also said that I can do whatever I want.

That did dampened my excitement because though I could do all I want but joy of doing it with the family is what I have always seen and felt related to. However, I fasted, decorated a jhoola, made special food (without onion and garlic) and that was it. I had learned to celebrate it that way but I missed the festival feel of it and gradually I stopped doing much on that day because I didn’t have much motivation to do it just for myself.

Come 2018 I was expecting my second one around end of August or first few days of September. I kept on insisting my doctor to induce me to labour soon after 20th August because else I won’t be able to do Janamashtami pooja (we don’t do any pooja after childbirth till the havan.) But my doctor refused completely, she wanted to follow the course of nature in fact it even made me a little suspicious of her (I thought she would at the end moment do a cesarean on me.

Little did I know Kanha Ji had some other plans for me, he was planning to give me a reason to celebrate his day i.e.; Janamashtami with great enthusiasm, zeal and motivation every year.

3rd September 2018 on the auspicious day of Janamashtami we were blessed with a baby boy.

And now I have, my Kanha for life.

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