My Not So Love Ki Story!

So ours wasn’t love at first sight, in fact not even at the hundredth sight.

We first met at Career Launcher, where I was working and he joined as a student. He had some issue with his student’s online login and he kept on pestering me with that. The day I got it resolved by the tech team, I called him and said “ab aaj chocolate leke aaio mere liye.” And he did get, not just one but many.

In his words (now) – “When I was buying chocolates for you that day I didn’t know I will have to be your chocolate-wala all our lives.”

That incident broke the ice between us and we became friends, though he called me ma’am and I used words like “tu, chal pagal and idiot” for him.

I was dating someone else back then and he was seeking someone to date. I used to tell him that “MBA college mein toh ladki mil hee jayegi don’t worry” and he used to tell me that “this guy does not deserve you ma’am koi naya dhundo”.

Soon I left my job to complete my post-graduation and he to continued prepare for B-school and we lost touch amidst all that.

PS- I changed my number owing to my break up and was in a very “I don’t give a fuck” kind of a phase so I didn’t give my new number to many people, including him (unintentionally).

One day, not realizing that I haven’t given him my new number, I sent him a forwarded message and he called back. Upon realising it was me, he was a bit disappointed. He said, “kya yaar aap ho, mujhe lagaa koi ladki hai”. I said, “toh mein ladki hee hun”. He then replied, “arre aise nahin na, chalo leave it”, and our hi and hellos started again.

And then we stayed in touch. He got through IMI and called me for a party that he was throwing. I took a pen as a gift for him since I knew he loved collecting pens (he still does). All through the party he was trying to cajole a friend of mine on whom he had a crush, and I was whispering into his ears, “pagal hai kya? She is getting embarrassed tu kya kar ra hai?” and he retorted, “arre, this is my last try of cajoling her.”

Soon he joined a B- School and my parents started to look out for a match for me. I also met a few guys but my dad was clear that I don’t have to say yes to anyone if I don’t want to, and honestly mujhe koi pasand aa bhi nahin raha thaa.

In between, we continued talking, chatting and met also a couple of times. A year later he messaged me “since none of your shaadi ke plans are materializing, let’s go on a date”. I felt very strange because I never looked at him with that perspective. For me he was A BUDDY, A CONFIDANTE AND A PUNCHING BAG but I don’t know why I could not say no and said, “chal chalte hain kya yaad karega tu”.

And here he was at my office,

in the evening. Thankfully I was working at a friend’s start-up that time, and that friend had quite a good relationship with him too as he was his mentor at Career Launcher, so nothing looked odd.
And that is how our series of dates started.

When our dates started, we went to CCD (I don’t even know how much money we have spent there), for movies, to mall strolls, for lunches, dinners and whatnot. But to be honest, I was still not romantically attached to him, I was just happy and comfortable with him.

In December, I went for a 10-day long holiday with my family and few of our train bookings were not confirmed (and internet in mobile was not a common thing then) so I kept on calling him to ask our booking status but not even once did I ask him how is he, and strange enough I didn’t even realise it. It was only when my bhai pointed “ye kaun PA hire kiya hai tune? Na haal chaal poochhti hai, na dua salaam, bus ticket ka status batao and phone rakh deti hai?” That is when I realised how mean and selfish I was being.

We were at a very beautiful rock beach in Pondicherry when I called him and said sorry for being so inconsiderate. He, like always, asked me not to worry, and that all these things we can talk when I am back, and right now I should be busy spending time with family.

That was the first time I felt something special for him. I came back from that holiday with love blossomed in my heart and a gift wrapped in a bag, both for him.

In March, on his birthday, when he turned 25, I gave him 25 cards, all with love messages and by then, I guess we knew it was meant to be. He knew I had always wanted to take my mom on an international holiday, so he took me to D’Pauls and helped me do all the bookings for my Thailand trip with my mom (of course I paid for it).

When I was on that trip, he made it a point to call me at least twice in a day. My mom sensed something fishy and asked me, “ye Jitesh tujhe ISD pe call kyun kar raha hai? Koi gf nahi hai uski?”

So I confessed everything to my mom. She always liked him, but we just discussed it and she said “chalo let’s see how things shape up. Abhi toh uski placements start hongi. Let him get placed and then we’ll think.”

Hardly did we know that we were waiting for the biggest blow of our lives.

What I never expected did happen with me. A month after I came back from the Thailand trip with my mom, she lost her life to cancer. Needless to say, I was broken, devastated and went into a zone where I looked strong and brave to the world, but was completely broken from the inside.

Nobody realised it better than he did, and he made sure that he was by my side every day and every moment. He had bee. recently placed in an MNC, but still, after his work, he made sure he came to my house every day to meet me. There were times when I shunned him because I was depressed, and I asked him to get lost, and he did go but never left.

He made sure that I knew that he has gone because I wanted him to but he would never leave. I felt his love was trying to build the broken pieces of my life back.

My dad realised that my mom’s demise had taken a toll on me and so he decided that me getting married would be the right thing. Before she had passed away, my mom had thrown clues about Jitesh to my dad (maa sab jaanti hai). My dad called him over and liked him and his family was always ready for whatever he wanted, and in no time we were engaged and got married.

And the rest as they say is history. I guess you all know the dynamics of a marriage. He is a great entrepreneur, a husband and a father. He handles most of the household chores if there is no maid to do it, takes care of the kids as good as I can, and most importantly, I don’t think anyone else could have managed to spend 10 years of his life without any complaints and at the back seat, like he has.

As we complete 10 years of our marriage tomorrow, I have nothing else to say, but that I am blessed.


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