A stress free household!

Much before the country went into lockdown, I had decided to bid my maid adieu. Cronavirus had started spreading its wings in our country and I have two kids so I could not be less worried about their immunity.

In fact not just I and my family but my maid and her family also deserves to be safe. She reaches my home every morning by a bus or not foot and stays here till evenimng and then walks back on foot. She could get exposed to many a risks.

However, with this decision also came huge stress thinking about how will I manage all the chores by myself. Sweeping, mopping, cooking, washing dishes, laundry, taking care of kids, elder one’s studies, younger one’s activities phew the list didn’t seem to end. I was almost on a verge on breakdown when hubby dear came forward as a knight in shining armor that he always is. He asked me to list down with him all the chores that I think have increased because of maid’s leaves, and as I began listing down the chores he started putting his name with them.

“What do you mean? You are going to do all this now?”, I asked.

“Yes, why do you think I can’t?”, he replied.

“No I didn’t mean that.” I was laughing inside my heart because I knew he won’t be able to do all this.

But after approximately three months of being locked down I must say he does #SharetheLoad with me and it feels great to see that he does realize that household chores has nothing to do with the gender or the role.

Since we had divided the household chores we had no stress about it and thus we had spent each and every day of lockdown very productively. We played with our kids, told them stories related to different god and goddesses, adapted minimalistic lifestyle, did yoga and dance together, cooked healthy (sometimes unhealthy) eatables, painted and what not.

Every morning even while I cook breakfast it’s my husband’s task to put clothes for a wash. And he does it effortlessly right from putting clothes to wash, then spreading them to air dry and then folding them is his job, he also includes our 6 years old daughter while folding the clothes because it’s always good to teach them to be self reliant right from the start.

We all know how stressful lockdown had been for few woman its time that all the families realize that no task in a household is gender specific and when it’s “our house” it must be “our job”.

See this beautiful video which depicts #ShareChoresMultiplyLove #ShareTheLaundry #ShareTheLoad in such a heart melting way.

‘I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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