While Staring At A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes, I Closed My Eyes And Thought About You My LOVE!

Yes, you heard it right. That is my love for you I can not stop thinking about you. This nationwide lockdown has given the whole country a plentiful time to spend with their loved ones and everyone is enjoying it but not me because my heart lies outside my family. There is someone else whom I am missing much more than enjoying time with family.

Ok, I know I have a great family. A husband who loves me so much, he is a man whose qualities every woman would want in her husband. He is a great example of practising equality in marriage. I have two great kids, they are cute, naughty but disciplined at the same time.

Still, I cannot stop myself from missing you. Every time I look at myself in the mirror there is a tad bit of disappointment and I end up thinking I wish you were here. Every time I make something special to eat I wish you were here. Every time I look at my house I cannot help but wish that you were here. At times when I see my friends enjoying so much with their families, I do feel guilty about not being able to do the same.

Yesterday I was so excited that after a few days I will be able to see you, meet you. Just then my husband paused my happiness and excitement and speculated that the lockdown might just be extended. Huh! can’t see me happy I guess or probably he has come to know about my feelings for you but what can I do even if I want I can not keep my feelings to myself. Not anymore.

It’s not a secret anymore and I am announcing it to the whole world now. While starting at a sink full of dirty dishes, I closed my eyes and thought about you my dearest and now darling MAID. I miss you when I see myself in the mirror because there is no time to comb, no time to put even a kajal. I miss you when I cook something special because kids and hubby are demanding special after every one hour and I can’t do it anymore. I miss you whenever I look at my house because it looks like a Tsunami has just hit it and this scenario is the same the whole day and I can not take it anymore.

Never had I ever thought that even after having so much time with my family it’s you whom am I going to miss. Oops, in fact, miss a bit too much.

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