Humara quarantine tumhare quarantine se alag kaise?

It has been almost two weeks of quarantine that we have imposed on ourselves (aur kya karte jab schools band ho gaye plus this is the only wise thing which we can do right now). Every time I browse Instagram I see stories and posts of mommies doing so many DIY activities with kids i.e.; art, craft, baking, motor skill activities, cleaning, cooking, skin care, hair care and what not.

And here I am, just feeding the kids on time (that I always do) and then switching off my ear buttons so that I don’t even listen if they are shouting, crying, fighting or whatever (isn’t all this a part of growing up too).

My daughter hasn’t solved a single puzzle since these 13 days but hey that doesn’t mean she is watching TV because if she will watch what will I watch? So poor she has coloured/painted (basically spoiled each and every 2020 diary at home).

I haven’t taught my son even a single thing in these 13 days (I generally also don’t). He is still learning new mischievous things everyday but all by himself. I tried giving him colours and sheets to scribble but then he started tearing paper and last thing I want in this Quarantine is a mess to clean so I snatched the paper and the colours from him and hide it like Kuber ka khazaana.So basically all these mesaages of how our Quarantine can be productive and how our kids can learn at home and how this time can help us know if our kids are budding dancers, budding chefs, budding bakers is not working for me. The only thing I have got to know is that I have two budding monsters at home who are not interested in any art, craft or baking or whatever they are my kids just interested in chilling.Guys judge me all you can but all this happened so suddenly and in between all this there was holi then there was my cousin’s wedding and all that has left me so tired that I am still to realise that we have so much time in hand, till then I am just lazing around (the only thing we all are religiously doing is washing hands) everything else can wait I am in no rush.Anyway isn’t this the hidden message that this sudden outbreak has given us –

Relax there is no hurry,

Go slow why so much worry;

One thing at a time,

Because life is not a race;

Nobody will win here,

Neither loss will someone face;

Life is a learning,

But not of numbers or words,

It teaches you life is beautiful,

What success are you yearning?

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