Home Breaker – Meghan Markle, Really?

Well when Prince Harry married beautiful, gorgeous and warm Meghan Markle, there were tongues that were wagging. Some thought an American and that too a divorcee doesn’t fit the royal bill, some hated her, some liked her work and thought she isn’t bad, some thought she is a gold digger, some thought its love and it can happen anytime BUT no matter what anyone thought everyone loved how much prince Harry loved her and everyone accepted it as love. And then the royal wedding happened, oh boy what a view it was. Truly a dream come true and then slowly Meghan carved her niche, made her own way with her social work, her pleasant personality, her demeanour and everything else. And then after a couple of months of oh wows rumours again started floating from the paradise.

Meghan was called cold towards the other royals, she was named rude, insensitive and what not and now that she and prince have stepped down from their royal roles to move to Canada and settle in there, she is now being called a home breaker. Home breaker? I mean really?

Believe me or not it sounds like a typical Hindi serial where when a son decides to leave the joint family home, often his wife is questioned. As if you have brought up that man to have no mind of his own. As if suddenly a vamp has with her paranormal powers captured your “yes momma” boy. I mean really? You know why is it that often a woman is blamed for such drastic steps –

1. The man in question has never ever in his bachelor life cared to speak right or wrong in front of his family.

2. Everyone wants a confident, aware, bold and standing for her rights kind of a daughter but not a daughter in law of this nature.

3. People no matter in east or west cannot come in terms with a fact that a woman has brought about a change in an already established system (this happens at workplaces too). And most probably this is what has happened at the Royal family. All those who claimed Meghan to be a gold digger must be busy finding a new name for her as they cannot call her that anymore (she has shunned all the possibility of gold that could have come to her from the royal family). All those who called her rude, insensitive, way to independent must be beaming with pride that what they always said has come to be true.

What I say – Every woman, no matter of which lineage (royal or ordinary) has a right to stand up for her identity, dignity and independence. She has all the right to walk out of a place she doesn’t want to be (if her life partner chooses to be her that’s only further rewarding). And honestly, who doesn’t want to break the shackles of unnecessary rules, regulations or societal norms which only pull you down and do not let you spread your wings? It’s just that it takes someone to have the courage of standing up for it and the one who does that doesn’t care for what people call him or her because like Socrates once said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

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