A letter to my daughter!

Dear Daughter,

No one word can describe
what I feel for you. I am writing this letter but I am sure I can still not sum
up what all I have in my heart for you. Everyone tells me that you are not as
smart as you need to be to face today’s world, people also tell me that I am
keeping you shielded from all the bad things that you might have to face in the

After growing up you may also feel that my love for you is a bit
too much, for that very moment my dear daughter I want to confess today itself.
I want to confess that yes I am a bit too much paranoid (I am shaking my head
in disbelief but yes this is a fact). I can go mad if I don’t see you (and your
brother) for a couple of hours. I am so scared of not being there for you guys
at any point of time. I don’t trust anyone else when it comes to my kids (your
father is the only exception).

I know I know you might even feel suffocated with all this love
but trust me if at all this love is going to do any harm to anyone then it will
be me, because all this is stopping me from having a life of my own but you
know why I am still doing it happily because dear kid it has been more than 10
years that I am longing for someone to have this kind of love for me.

10 years back when my mom passed away child, I wasn’t even
married, was living a happy go lucky life and then the reality struck me and my
brother and it did struck hard. We were all by ourselves as our dad chose to
fight all his sorrows by being more work alcoholic than he earlier was. I
realised how it is to not have someone there for you, I realised how we both
had to grow up overnight, suddenly we were not kids for anyone anymore and dear
child the fact is no matter what your age you really want to be a kid
sometimes. When our dad used to be in a grief of losing his life partner (he
would hide it from us because he knew what effect could it have on us), he
would straight away head to our grandmother’s room who would cry with him, give
his head an oil massage, pat his back, pat his forehead BUT we were expected to
be strong.

The whole world as you know perceives me as a strong, mature and
independent woman but only I know how does being strong, mature and independent
all the time feels, even I want to go weak, act childishly and depend upon to
be fed, taken care of and other stuff but I can’t.

THAT my child, THAT has made me the kind of mother I am. I hope
you would understand the reason behind my being an almost paranoid mom that I
am. I want you both to be my BABIES forever.



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