When Chhavi Mittal Hussein’s Trying To Motivate Post Became A Tad Too De-motivating!!

Couple of days back there was a post shared by Chhavi Mittal Hussein on Instagram where she was seemingly trying to motivate everyone to stay fit. Although her motive behind the post may be very noble and clear, her post didn’t go very well with many people, including myself.

For uninitiated Chhavi Mittal Hussein is a hindi film and television actress who is now also seen in web series by SIT (shitty ideas trending), whose she along with her husband is a co-founder. Now in the above mentioned post Chhavi has tried to highlight the importance of staying fit, to which most of us would agree. In fact, I kind of understand the sentiments behind the last line of her post where she tries to troll readers by saying “Now tell me what is your excuse to not work-out, eat junk, and snooze for hours?” But what I don’t understand is that what she means when she says your body shows how hard working you are, it shows how disciplined you are, how much self respect you have, how much passionate you are…… blah blah blah (it doesn’t end here). You can check the screenshot of the same post just here

When I first saw this post, I just read the first line and ignored the post thinking that it must be a Diwali related post noticing the ethnic wear that Chhavi is wearing but then I saw the screenshots of the same post in a few of my friends’ Instagram stories, it was then that I realised that I need to go back and trust me for a moment I actually felt useless because forget about exercising, there are times when I don’t get time to eat my meals, take a bath, go to the loo and you know what is worse when I don’t get time to see off my 6 year old daughter when she leaves for school, or when I have no answer when she asks me why I can’t come to pick her up at the school bus stop like I used to earlier. So it’s not that I have no self respect but lady if I am able to sneak a couple of hours from my mommy of duty (of one child), I have mommy duty towards another and then at last come the things that I want to do for myself and trust whenever such few moments have been bestowed upon me, working out is the last thing that has come to my mind. So does that mean I am not disciplined, or I have no self respect, or I am not passionate, I have no dedication, no commitment, no will power and that my attitude is careless and I don’t have any work ethics at all? At least in comparison to you Ms. Chhavi Mittal Hussein. Right? Well, I don’t think so. I have been following your pregnancy your birthing journey and motherhood very closely and I must say I have been a fan. The way you spoke about not being convinced by your gynec’s preferred mode of delivery, I was impressed. But dear you need to realise there is a difference in the lives that you live and the lives that your audience may be living. You were working on your laptop after a couple of days of your delivery. Reality check – in some households a new mother is not allowed to watch TV at least for 21 days. After both my deliveries my hubby didn’t let me use the phone for 24 hours and I am not sorry. I have no qualms in acknowledging the fact that I had delivered life and my body needed rest. Rest for what it has just witnessed and rest for what it has to be prepared for in the future. Sleepless nights, endless feeding, pee, poo, massages, bathing and what not. You might have an army of help with you, you might even express milk for your little one so that someone may feed him in your absence while you work or work out but not everyone has that luxury. I am the only caregiver for my son and for my 6 year old daughter and have to take care of everything related to them (except for yes support from hubby which is limited to before 10am and after 8pm). Another thing that rubbed me the wrong way here was that as a reply to one of a comment on the post Chhavi had written that “Did you know that by eating right you can even control depression.” That was when I had enough of it because I know and I am sure many of you would agree that at times anything you do cannot stop depression from hitting you.

What all I have said above is not because I don’t understand the importance of staying fit, of course I do and I try to do whatever little I can to stay fit BUT ofcourse I don’t attach one thing to another (staying fit to discipline, hard work or self respect here).

How easy it is for a celebrity to comment about things which they might not even have seen, felt or experienced. But it’s time we realise that we do not need celebrity influencers, we need real life influencers who have if not similar at least a life somewhere similar to ours.

Cover Image – Taken from Chhavi Mittal Hussein’s Instagram page.

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