Because What A Kid Wants – “Tasty”; Because What A Mom Wants – “Healthy”

Making kids eat good food is not easy. Till they don’t grow up to a certain age it is easy to feed them anything you want but as soon as they are big enough to realize their taste buds you can’t feed them just anything. I recently went through the phase where my daughter did not like anything she ate, she wanted every food to be tasty and since we are non-vegetarian parents she is always hooked on to chicken and mutton.

But we all are aware that during monsoon, meat can be a riskier food option and so I had a task of substituting our meals with something which is not only healthy and equally tasty but also has similar texture to meat. So I brought home Fortune Soya Chunks, with 52% protein content these soya nuggets are all that you could ask for.

Benefits of adding soya in our diet cannot be ignored. Soya has high protein content, vitamins, mineral and insoluble fibre. Soya is a great substitute to meat because it has equal protein value but lower cholesterol levels. In fact for someone who follows a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle soya chunks are an unavoidable food item.

I myself am a soya lover and I love trying out different recipes with soya. What I love about Fortune Soya is that we get three soya variants in it i.e.; Fortune Soya chunks, Fortune Soya mini chunks and Fortune Soya granules. They are just apt for different purposes and can be added in any Indian recipe to enhance its taste and nutritional value.

I like to use Soya chunks when we want to eat a tasty starter. I substitute soya chunks for chicken and make easy peasy chilly soya or soya tikka or soya manchurian for my family. While making a thin gravy recipe which I want to serve with rice I like to use Soya mini chunks and for a semi thick gravy recipe to be served with the variety of rotis, paranthas and naans I like to use Soya granules. I also use different variants of Soya while making different types of pulao, biryani or fried rice.

It gives me immense satisfaction to see my family eating and relishing food which is not only tasty but healthy too because ghar ka khana ghar ka khana hota hai and the goodness of the food we cook at home cannot be compared to any grand meal in this world. I am so happy that Fortune Soya chunks is the best quality ingredient that I have to cook healthy and tasty food and it proves that even home cooked food can be irresistible. With these different varieties of Soya, my daughter has also become a soya lover like me.

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