A recipe for a perfect family time – Tingaland (Magic Land)

Two weeks back I got an opportunity to visit Tingaland a soft play area located in Noida.

My daughter is a fan of play areas and so we go to quite a lot of play areas. So, honestly I wasn’t very excited about this one because as an exhausted parent I just thought what new could be there. A regular play area with a small cafe that too with a limited choice of menu. Thought of travelling so far for just a play area were literally haunting me.


But all my opinions were dusted as soon as I entered Tingaland. The place is so magical, it would attract not just kids but the parents too and it definitely is not just any play area.

  1. They have a huge huge play area made up so beautifully;
  2. A separate room for art and craft;
  3. A separate space for wall climbing;
  4. A waiting lounge for parents;
  5. A big cafe. Trust me when I say big. Their cafe has a huge space and you know what is even better? Their menu isn’t limited, they have everything a kid or a parent would like to eat on a lazy Sunday. Also, there food quality is so good. Everything we had there was so fresh and nicely made which I think goes without saying giving the fact that they have tied up with Kwality Catering for their cafe;
  6. They also have a photo clicking zone.


Tingaland is an aesthetically planned play space for children from 1-10 years of age. With the theme of experiential learning, Tingaland – a magical land is conceptualized around various fun zones facilitated with safe and free play for kids, nurturing their creativity and imagination.

All these features make Tingaland not only a perfect destination for both parents and kids to spend their Sunday at but it is also a perfect Birthday Party Joint. They have awesome packages for birthday parties which would give you so much without stripping you of a lot of money. My daughter loved the place so much that she wants to have her birthday party there only.

They also organize Night Camping Activities, they have has started the night camping experience with storytelling sessions with a belief that it would enhance their growth and overall development. They are using the power of storytelling to stimulate creativity in young minds and help them think about the limitless possibilities that stories offer. Weaning them away from gadgets and technology, these engaging storytelling sessions motivate their reading habit which anyway is a biggest challenge or parents these days.

A place that is ENTERTAINING and STIMULATING for GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT of kids, Serves FRESH and HYGIENIC FOOD, Takes care of KIDS’ SAFETY is all that a parent could ask for. As a mom Tingaland is certainly a magic land for me.

You can see the pictues inserted to sense all the fun my kids had there.



For For more details check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handle

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