How you can put your unused asset for better

I have very fond memories of Mussorie, a famous not so quiet hill station of northern India. It is my mom’s maternal home town. As a kid, summer holidays meant visiting Mussoorie, because my uncle aunty stayed there. I always loved going there, I used to wonder how wonderful it must be staying in a place like Mussorie. Because we visited there almost every year, it is needless to say that I was very close to them.

Last year when I called them to wish on Diwali they didn’t sound well and on probing for further details I got to know that since both their sons have now settled abroad (for careers) they are left lonely here. Their sprawling bungalow which was once always filled with guests and visitors is now lonely. I was deeply saddened after talking to them as there is nothing anyone can do to help them. Their sons had to move out for better opportunities and they don’t want to leave the place they had built with their blood and sweat. However, in my hustle-bustle, I forgot all that.

Last week when my uncle called me to wish me on my birthday he was sounding happier than before even my aunty was sounding very happy on talking further they told me that they have listed a part of their bungalow at Airbnb and now they are very busy because they have guests coming over almost every day. It is not that before this I haven’t heard of Airbnb, in fact, we have ever stayed at Airbnb but never have I ever thought of Airbnb from the host perspective. I was happy and worried about them too. I was thinking about how are they going to manage it at this age, what about their safety, what about their peace (would they be able to handle so much noise and hustle and bustle). So I decided and asked them the same questions, but, they seemed not to be worried as they told me that whenever they host a guest Airbnb covers them up for a million dollar and also they can choose whom they want to host, they also told me that in their listing on Airbnb they have mentioned that host is an elderly couple and loves to host peace-loving people than party-loving people.

My uncle told me that Airbnb has helped them earn at this age with the help of that unused part of the house. Given the fact that they live in such a popular hill station, they are always occupied and are making such a good income that they have hired full-time caretakers for the guests. Because of the money that they are making they are no more dependent upon their sons to send them money if in case their expense exceeds their pension. I could sense that this regular flow of income has made them confident and motivated towards life. I could sense happiness in their voice when they told me they are planning to fly to the pilgrim they always wanted to take.

Airbnb has helped them achieve their dreams and why not all you need is a bit of spare time and a spare corner in the house. Anyone can list their spare space weather one is a retired person, working full time, working part-time Airbnb can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

To become a host on Airbnb – Click here

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