Modern yet not?

I am not sure how will we fare as parents when our time comes but I definately feel sorry for our parent’s or maybe grandparent’s generation. They were and still are stuck in the transitional phase of the society. The world, the society, the times expected them to teach their kids nothing but to be successful, focus on education, career building, carving a niche for themselves BUT the conservative Indian parent in them wanted their kids to be attached to their roots, stay closer to them, respect the values, take out time for them.

Our parents expected us to whole heartidly accept their decision of sending us to a different city/state/country to study but they felt bad if we consequently decided to take up a job and settle down in some other city/state/country.

Today when I saw English Vinglish once again, I realised that yes we certainly feel bad for Sridevi that her kids behave badly with her but if we look at it from the other side of the coin. The character like that of Sridevi who are not very well read or have a good spoken English always insist that their kids excel in studies and in whatever they do but forget on teaching them the most important lesson of life that is to become a good human being.

And not only in movies I happened to encounter one such incident personally. A friend of mine who has always been the topper of the class made his parents proud by joining a fully sponsored program in a reputed university in the USA but his parent’s dreams shattered when he told them about the job he has got there. I wonder what did they expect him to? Study there because it is the number 1 country in the world but not work there inspite of the fact that it really is the number 1 country in the world?

I won’t say it is anyone’s fault or that anyone is right or wrong here. A parent who decided to send his/her son/daughter to some other big metro city for better opportunity are not wrong and the son/daughter who now may want to settle in that metro city for obvious better opportunity are is not wrong either.

Its a circle from which it isn’t easy to come out. After all, transitions are most hard and tough to accept.

2 thoughts on “Modern yet not?

  1. The reality of modern society… And somewhere traditional parents are still afraid of the change but they need to understand that the change is for good only.


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