Women Power!!

I can truly relate with this saying. “A women is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”

When my mom was detected with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia it’s needless to say that I was devastated but that wouldn’t have helped so after a day of devastation I took charge of the situation to do whatever damage control we could have done.. My father was surprised how strongly I managed everything.. However, we could not do much.. When she passed away just after a week of being diagnosed, we all were further shattered, my father thought I would either kill myself or would go into depression.. However, I did none of it yes I won’t say that I was fine and I didn’t cry but I didn’t ruin myself, my whole clan was surprised that I didn’t seek anyone’s shoulder to cry and I didn’t lost my conciousness.. Infact, when after 6 months of my mom’s death I told my dad that it’s time I want to take a plunge (he already knew who I wanted to marry), he was more than happy and proud that I am was so much in hold of myself… When I was preparing for my marriage and later for my brother’s marriage there wasn’t a single moment I didn’t thought about my mom but I didn’t let that break me rather I made it my strength.. Years later when I delivered my first baby, the most dreaded post partum depression did hit me too.. I was broken from inside, I kept on hogging food and aerated drinks, it started effecting my health adversely so one day I realised that I will have to once again stand up and so I did flush out PPD from my life.. When I was expecting again I made sure that PPD doesn’t hit me at all and even if it does the degree is so low that it only seeks some pampering and my plan was well executed… A woman is definately much more stronger than one can ever imagine but judging her for her strength is shallow and should not happen.. MEN should accept a strong women in their life without any ego and WOMEN should help another strong women grow…

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