A letter to my daughter.

Dear daughter,

No one word can describe what I feel for you. I am writing this letter but I am sure I can still not sum up what all I have in my heart for you. Everyone tells me that you are not as smart as you need to be to face today’s world, people also tell me that I am keeping you shielded from all the bad things that you might have to face in the world.

After growing up you may also feel that my love for you is a bit too much, for that very moment my dear daughter I want to confess today itself. I want to confess that yes I am a bit too much paranoid (I am shaking my head in disbelief but yes this is a fact). I can go mad if I don’t see you (and your brother) for a couple of hours. I am so scared of not being there for you guys at any point of time. I don’t trust anyone else when it comes to my kids (your father is the only exception).

I know I know you might even feel suffocated with all this love but trust me if at all this love is going to do any harm to anyone then it will be me, because all this is stopping me from having a life of my own but you know why I am still doing it happily because dear kid it has been more than 10 years that I am longing for someone to have this kind of love for me.

10 years back when my mom passed away child, I wasn’t even married, was living a happy go lucky life and then the reality struck me and my brother and it did struck hard. We were all by ourselves as our dad chose to fight all his sorrows by being more work alcoholic than he earlier was. I realised how it is to not have someone there for you, I realised how we both had to grow up overnight, suddenly we were not kids for anyone anymore and dear child the fact is no matter what your age you really want to be a kid sometimes. When our dad used to be in a grief of losing his life partner (he would hide it from us because he knew what effect could it have on us), he would straight away head to our grandmother’s room who would cry with him, give his head an oil massage, pat his back, pat his forehead BUT we were expected to be strong.

The whole world as you know perceives me as a strong, mature and independent woman but only I know how does being strong, mature and independent all the time feels, even I want to go weak, act childishly and depend upon to be fed, taken care of and other stuff but I can’t.

THAT my child, THAT has made me the kind of mother I am. I hope you would understand the reason behind my being an almost paranoid mom that I am. I want you both to be my BABIES forever.



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When Chhavi Mittal Hussein’s Trying To Motivate Post Became A Tad Too De-motivating!!

Couple of days back there was a post shared by Chhavi Mittal Hussein on Instagram where she was seemingly trying to motivate everyone to stay fit. Although her motive behind the post may be very noble and clear, her post didn’t go very well with many people, including myself.

For uninitiated Chhavi Mittal Hussein is a hindi film and television actress who is now also seen in web series by SIT (shitty ideas trending), whose she along with her husband is a co-founder. Now in the above mentioned post Chhavi has tried to highlight the importance of staying fit, to which most of us would agree. In fact, I kind of understand the sentiments behind the last line of her post where she tries to troll readers by saying “Now tell me what is your excuse to not work-out, eat junk, and snooze for hours?” But what I don’t understand is that what she means when she says your body shows how hard working you are, it shows how disciplined you are, how much self respect you have, how much passionate you are…… blah blah blah (it doesn’t end here). You can check the screenshot of the same post just here

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This festive season I counted my blessings twice!!

This time of the year has always been my favourite no points for guessing that it’s festivals that make it so special. As a kid I was always looking forward to what we eat, where we go, who comes to our place and how we celebrate these festivals, I had my perspective to the festivals.

My grandparents on the other hand were always keen about what relatives have given us , what we are going to give them, what is on the menu etc etc. My mom however, I always noticed that wanted everything to be perfect but not for her for us. What we wear, how we look, how much we enjoy, how we celebrate and in doing all this she looked so happy. I used to wonder why.

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We the so called real people of the so called fake world!

Few days back there was a picture floating all over social media in which a full apple was depicted from front but shown half eaten in the mirror and the text in the picture said “Life on social media”.

This surprised me to an extent of laughing (mockingly) over the one who made it.Okay, no offence but I don’t buy this new fad of bashing social media and irony is bashing social media on social media. Like seriously? It is like eating the sweet and bashing it too. Well, too much for my understanding.

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Diaper during daytime: not as frivolous at it seems

As a new mother, we are often told a lot about sleeplessness and fatigue caused because of it when the baby doesn’t sleep through the night. Many of my friends and peers suggested me to keep my baby in diapers during night time so that baby’s sleep isn’t disturbed and thus I am also able to sleep and rest without disturbance. What nobody told me was as much as it is important for a baby to sleep well equally important it is for a baby to have a hassle-free day time to enjoy its play and eating time. I realized that keeping my son diaper-free during daytime resulted in usual mess and disturbance in his activities like massages, playing, crawling, and eating his food. This disturbance was making him less keen on trying to do again (we all know how tough it is to make kids sit at a place and do some task.) In fact, he got discouraged even in trying to crawl or get up because he related all of his activities to his peeing and pooping and I must say not only he but even I was scared of letting him do all the activities because I had a fear of him spoiling stuff.

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Because What A Kid Wants – “Tasty”; Because What A Mom Wants – “Healthy”

Making kids eat good food is not easy. Till they don’t grow up to a certain age it is easy to feed them anything you want but as soon as they are big enough to realize their taste buds you can’t feed them just anything. I recently went through the phase where my daughter did not like anything she ate, she wanted every food to be tasty and since we are non-vegetarian parents she is always hooked on to chicken and mutton.

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Mom Vs Parent

Most of you by now know that I have a love for writing. So today, when I opened my lifeline, that is my Momspresso app to write something, I was struggling with ideas on what to write. So, I opened the section which gives us prompts for our next post. There I found this topic which caught my eye. ‘What would you like to be a mom Vs a parent.’

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A recipe for a perfect family time – Tingaland (Magic Land)

Two weeks back I got an opportunity to visit Tingaland a soft play area located in Noida.

My daughter is a fan of play areas and so we go to quite a lot of play areas. So, honestly I wasn’t very excited about this one because as an exhausted parent I just thought what new could be there. A regular play area with a small cafe that too with a limited choice of menu. Thought of travelling so far for just a play area were literally haunting me.


But all my opinions were dusted as soon as I entered Tingaland. The place is so magical, it would attract not just kids but the parents too and it definitely is not just any play area.

  1. They have a huge huge play area made up so beautifully;
  2. A separate room for art and craft;
  3. A separate space for wall climbing;
  4. A waiting lounge for parents;
  5. A big cafe. Trust me when I say big. Their cafe has a huge space and you know what is even better? Their menu isn’t limited, they have everything a kid or a parent would like to eat on a lazy Sunday. Also, there food quality is so good. Everything we had there was so fresh and nicely made which I think goes without saying giving the fact that they have tied up with Kwality Catering for their cafe;
  6. They also have a photo clicking zone.


Tingaland is an aesthetically planned play space for children from 1-10 years of age. With the theme of experiential learning, Tingaland – a magical land is conceptualized around various fun zones facilitated with safe and free play for kids, nurturing their creativity and imagination.

All these features make Tingaland not only a perfect destination for both parents and kids to spend their Sunday at but it is also a perfect Birthday Party Joint. They have awesome packages for birthday parties which would give you so much without stripping you of a lot of money. My daughter loved the place so much that she wants to have her birthday party there only.

They also organize Night Camping Activities, they have has started the night camping experience with storytelling sessions with a belief that it would enhance their growth and overall development. They are using the power of storytelling to stimulate creativity in young minds and help them think about the limitless possibilities that stories offer. Weaning them away from gadgets and technology, these engaging storytelling sessions motivate their reading habit which anyway is a biggest challenge or parents these days.

A place that is ENTERTAINING and STIMULATING for GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT of kids, Serves FRESH and HYGIENIC FOOD, Takes care of KIDS’ SAFETY is all that a parent could ask for. As a mom Tingaland is certainly a magic land for me.

You can see the pictues inserted to sense all the fun my kids had there.



For For more details check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handle

How you can put your unused asset for better

I have very fond memories of Mussorie, a famous not so quiet hill station of northern India. It is my mom’s maternal home town. As a kid, summer holidays meant visiting Mussoorie, because my uncle aunty stayed there. I always loved going there, I used to wonder how wonderful it must be staying in a place like Mussorie. Because we visited there almost every year, it is needless to say that I was very close to them.

Last year when I called them to wish on Diwali they didn’t sound well and on probing for further details I got to know that since both their sons have now settled abroad (for careers) they are left lonely here. Their sprawling bungalow which was once always filled with guests and visitors is now lonely. I was deeply saddened after talking to them as there is nothing anyone can do to help them. Their sons had to move out for better opportunities and they don’t want to leave the place they had built with their blood and sweat. However, in my hustle-bustle, I forgot all that.

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This miracle worker that makes it easier for mommies!

Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities. There is a little life, that is always depending on you for everything. And this makes a mother’s job tougher by manifold, so a little help of some sort is always welcome. After my son was born, my younger sister came to see us at the hospital and along with many gifts, she had gotten something which immediately caught my eye. She had gotten a pack of Teddyy changing mats for my new born son. I wasn’t sure how they would help me, and I just said mockingly, “You just need a reason to buy things without even knowing what they are used for.” To which she replied, “You are going to thank me later, didi, and don’t forget, even I am a mother now so I am not all that unaware.” Realizing the fact that she is also a mother, I ended the conversation there.

When we came back home, I opened up the pack of changing mats that she had given me, and it didn’t take me long to realize how this mat was a boon for me. These baby changing mats are disposable changing mats that can be used for a baby, for a lot of things. I realized that this product was a must-have traveling companion. And I also found that it was equally useful at home too!

Because they are made up of antibacterial material and have a hypoallergenic formula, one can use it frequently without worrying about the fear of allergies or infection. Here is how I used these convenient changing mats –

1. I placed it under my baby when I would give him a massage. It is very beneficial and effective during massage times in keeping the bed clean because massaging makes a new born pass poo or pee because of pressure around the tummy area. I have faced such accidents many times with my daughter, 6 years back. I wish I had these hassle-free hygienic mats then.

2. I also used them to give my baby diaper-free time. We all know how helpful diapers are, but their continuous use can also lead to rashes or infection on the baby’s skin or worse, on his/her private area. Even doctors suggest giving 20-30 minutes of a diaper-free time to babies between changing their diapers (more so, if we are at home). So these sheets can be placed under the baby so that he/she can play freely without us having to bother about the mattress.

3. While traveling it can be used as a diaper changing mat. While traveling we might have to change baby diapers almost anywhere, and for that, these convenient changing mats have been my saviour since day one. They have the unique gel lock technology which absorbs any spills quickly, making diaper changes on the move very easy.

4. Diaper-free time while on the move too. With these sheets, you can even give your baby diaper-free time in a car seat or pram or stroller without worrying about spoiling their padding. This is very important for me because my son had severe diaper rashes once, and the doctor asked me to avoid diapers for a day or two, but he loves his evening walks in his stroller, so I placed this mat under him on the stroller and took him out on a walk. When I had to change his shorts on the walk it was a smooth process since the special criss-cross design which helps in faster absorption contained all the mess, and afterward, I just dumped the soiled mat in the bin!

Since then these changing mats have become my holy grail product, and I have used them at home and outdoor extensively. These mats are my preferred choice not just because they are waterproof, but also because they are made up so soft and spongy material that it is so comfortable for the baby that the baby won’t feel uncomfortable even for a moment.

Now, whenever I have to get gifts for a newborn baby, this is my go-to choice.


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